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Our Doctoral Students in Action


Doctoral students from CMCI held a symposium on ‘Transnational Memory in the 21st Century’. They explored the role of media in the ‘transcultural memory turn’, together with the controversial concepts of transnationalism and globalisation in the digital age.

The symposium featured keynote talks given by Joanne Garde-Hansen from the University of Warwick and Stef Craps from Ghent University in Belgium, in addition to panels on a range of topics from ‘Transgenerational Inheritance’ to ‘Nations, Place and Memory’.

The day also featured contributions from CMCI’s Professor Anna Reading and Dr Jessica Rapson.

The event was funded by the King’s Graduate School and contributions from CMCI and PhD students from the Department of German at KCL, together the Department of German at Leeds University, who co-organized the event.

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