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Ethical Storytelling

Anna Reading Playbills

Our Professor and head of CMCI Anna Reading is in Finland this week giving an international keynote lecture on “The Art of Ethical Storytelling”. Here, she is using examples of plays and her own work as a playwright in relation to her academic research on memory and restitutional assemblage.

The plays she reflects on include “Kiss Punch Goodnight”, a play about child sexual abuse set in the 1970s and first produced in York (1987) , and her most recent short piece: “My Dearest Daughter” (2015) which was featured here on the CMCI blog last month. You can see a selection of Anna’s playbills above.

Professor Reading shows how the internet and digital cultures are changing the art and ethics of storytelling while opening up new possibilities in relation to atrocity and violence. Ethical storytelling, she argues, works with audiences to open up the historical imagination to make new futures possible. The keynote is at the University of Turku, and you can find out more about Professor Reading’s theatre work here:

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