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Ruth Adams takes parts in Museums Showoff

This week (Tuesday 14 May) Dr Ruth Adams was the first act up at a cultural industries event with a difference. Museums Showoff is an open mic night in a pub, at which ten speakers (predominantly museum professionals) give short, 9 minute talks showcasing their work, and sharing their enthusiasms with a like-minded audience. The night takes place in the upstairs room of a pub in Camden, and is more like a cabaret or a comedy club than an academic conference. It’s fun, informal and sometimes borders on the raucous.
Ruth’s talk was called ‘The Curious Tale of Tipu’s Tiger: Or the story of how a notorious man eating musical instrument was kidnapped from India and brought to London, to be immortalised in poetry, chocolate and cyberspace.’ Other speakers covered topics as diverse as tweeting Walruses, some very rude medieval badges, why Sherlock Holmes is wrong, and tiny horses made of cheese.

You can find out more about the event on their blog page here:
and in a recent article in The Guardian here:

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