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Congratulations to Dr Watts

Dr Anna WattsWe are delighted to report that CMCI postgraduate research student Anna Watts has now been awarded her PhD. Anna’s thesis uses a feminist discourse analytic approach to explore informal mediated sex education in Poland.

Well done, Anna – your Supervisor Professor Rosalind Gill and everyone at CMCI would like to congratulate you!

Dr Watts writes:

The discourses of the new ‘power’ femininity of the ‘post-Cosmopolitan’ West hail women as sexually liberated, confident and desiring actors who actively seek sexual fulfilment. However a deeper look into research literature on the topic suggests that female sexual empowerment evident in popular culture is illusory. Although within the prevailing model of human sexuality widely popularised by women’s magazines and popular self-help literature women are positioned within discourses that underscore sexual satisfaction, what constitutes being sexual and sexually active is defined in masculine terms and within a narrow hetero-normative framework.
My research explores the above issues within the unique and novel context of Poland, a country of diverse cultural tradition and its own longstanding tradition of professional sexology. I carried out interviews with Polish women, university students and feminist activists, to explore how they engage with the discourses of sexuality dominant in sex advice publications.

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