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SRO Crowd for CMCI Music Business Event

On Monday night, 12 December 2011, a standing room only crowd enjoyed “For The Record: A Starter-Kit for the Music Industry,” a live event sponsored by CMCI featuring five music business professionals from different areas of the industry, hosted and produced by CMCI’s Dr Harvey G Cohen as well as TimeOut London music journalist Sharon O’Connell.  Each of the 91 seats of the venue were filled, with 30-40 students sitting on the floor or in the aisles, many MA CCI students and alumni were present, as well as CMCI PhD students.  Each participant on the panel gave an account of how they entered the music business, and students were treated to an no-holds-barred look at problems and opportunities in today’s music industry.  Among other insightful nuggets, students learned about the difference between and importance of gross and net when one is getting paid for live performances, and why major record labels are still important for new artists in these days of the internet and illegal downloading.  Thanks to CMCI’s Dr Nick Wilson for taking the picture accompanying this post.  Onstage, left to right: O’Connell, Cohen, Gillian Porter (managing director, Hall or Nothing PR), Dean Wengrow (Mute Records A&R), John Best (manager, Sigur Ros and other music acts) and Chris Bellam(Head of Promotion, Beggars Group).  

And Harvey would like to take this opportunity to congratulate this year’s cohort of MA CCI students for putting on the most impressive holiday party in the history of CMCI, and wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.


sro audience

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