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Merry Christmas, Dr Burke

It’s an especially merry Christmas for CMCI postgraduate research student Wendy Burke, who has sailed though her viva (with no corrections!) to be awarded her PhD.

Wendy’s thesis: “A Dutch occupation: The representation of World War Two in films from the Netherlands, 1962 to 1986”, analysed the films as reflections of the underlying concerns of Dutch society from the time the films were made.

This incorporated ideas on communal memory (what people choose to remember and, crucially, to forget about their collective past), the making and upholding of myths, cultural coping (in which traumatic events are re-mediated through cultural forms) and the re-writing of history towards preferred versions of events.

Before she became a PhD student, Wendy worked for fourteen years in television and video production as a researcher, assistant producer, then for the latter eight years as a producer and director of both broadcast and non-broadcast programmes. Productions include the historical series ‘Gallipoli 1915’ and ‘The Somme 1916’ for ITV, ‘Leap of Faith’, for BBC2, documenting the road to the Atlanta Olympics of World Champion triple jumper Jonathan Edwards, and two fifteen-part series of makeover show ‘Gardening Angels’.

Wendy was supervised at CMCI by Dr Richard Howells. Congratulations, Dr Burke!

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