Five of our finest graduates (MA CCI, 2005-6) are pictured here, berobed and bemortared, if that’s the right word, just after this year’s ceremony at London’s Barbican Centre. They are (L-R) Tae-Eun Kim, Chloe Preece, Victor Orive-Martin, Jihee Kim and Eugene Ng.

Many thanks to Eugene for sending in this image! Eugene also updated us on his activities since returning to Singapore clutching his degree. “Things are busy at the [Design] Ministry for now as we are going to launch the National Arts Festival in a couple of days time. After which would be the Singapore Design Festival happening at the end of the year, as well as the national cultural promotional programme called ‘Singapore Seasons’ in Shanghai and Beijing. The first ‘Singapore Season’ was held in London in 2005 and it is basically using the Arts and Creative Industries to promote Singaporean culture and the Singapore Brand. And we are planning our showcase at the London Design Festival this year too (and I hope that I will be scheduled for it!!). […] It is exciting to see it all happening!

“Missing you and everyone in London…. keep in touch and take care!”

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