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Maria Paola Pofi   My PhD research project aims at investigating the phenomena of human mobility (migration) and mediated mobility (mediation) across national borders through a study of migrant transnational lives in Italy. In particular, placing the research within the context of the ‘migration crisis’ – and the conflicts over cultural diversity it triggered – […]

Xiaoying Han My research interest in children’s media grew out of my time studying for a master’s degree in journalism. I came across an online forum called ‘Left-behind Children Bar’, the members of which were mainly left-behind children in China. Many of them posted about their hatred towards their parents and their feelings of abandonment. [...] View
Providing Children's Content in an Era of Migration: Challenges and Opportunities Review by Public Media Alliance, 24 September 2018 Access the original post here European and Middle Eastern practitioners, producers, public broadcast representatives, academics, children’s media experts and the PMA gathered at King’s College London to discuss children’s content provision, with a focus on diversity and [...] View