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Online Interviewing Tips for Researchers

Nina Vindum Rasmussen The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to carry out qualitative interviews online. In my PhD project, I’ve used both in-person and online interviews. I’ve been surprised to learn that online interviews can produce equally rich and sometimes superior data. They can be cost-effective, convenient, and quick. But there are also specific… Continue reading Online Interviewing Tips for Researchers

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Euro 2020: could Twitter stop racist abuse before it happens?

Dr Ruth Adams of CMCI met up (online) with Dr Nicole Ferdinand, Senior Lecturer in Events Management at Oxford Brookes University, to learn more about her groundbreaking work as part of the research collective RUAIRE.  RUAIRE stands for Responsible Use of AI in Recreation and International Events, and is dedicated to using AI and other… Continue reading Euro 2020: could Twitter stop racist abuse before it happens?

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The Covid-19 crisis and ‘critical juncture’ in cultural policy: a comparative analysis of cultural policy responses in South Korea, Japan and China

Karin Ling-Fung Chau The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered the arts and culture sectors everywhere extremely vulnerable and put cultural policy under a serious common pressure. Seeing the pandemic as a significant event that has disrupted the existing institutions and discourses, many commentators are demanding a reshaping of cultural policy to cope with the crisis and… Continue reading The Covid-19 crisis and ‘critical juncture’ in cultural policy: a comparative analysis of cultural policy responses in South Korea, Japan and China

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CMCI in the News -Again.

CMCI’s academic staff continue to be in demand as expert commentators on worldwide news and current affairs. Our Head of Department, Professor Anna Reading, gave two filmed interviews on the media witnessing, news framing and impact of the “Charlie Hebdo” shootings in Paris. One was for the Associated Press and will be circulated globally, the… Continue reading CMCI in the News -Again.

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Success for MA CCI Alumnus

Congratulations to CMCI alumnus Shams Bin Quader who has had an article published in the journal Cultural Studies in a special issue focusing on music scenes.  The paper, entitled ‘Approaching the Underground: The production of alternative in the Bangladeshi metal scene’, is based on Sham's MPhil thesis and was co-authored with his supervisor, Dr Guy Redden… Continue reading Success for MA CCI Alumnus

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A Critical Theory of Navajo Design

CMCI visual culture specialist Dr Richard Howells has a new scholarly article out this month. “Looking for Utopia: Creation, Creativity and a Utopian Theory of Design” combines cultural theory with a case study on Navajo design and appears in Thesis Eleven, a multidisciplinary journal: “reaching across the social sciences (sociology, anthropology, philosophy, geography, cultural studies,… Continue reading A Critical Theory of Navajo Design

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New Korean and Chinese Editions of Howells’ Visual Culture

Korean and Chinese editions of Dr Richard Howells' Visual Culture have just been published. These are translations of the second edition of Howells' successful publication, this version co-written with his former PhD student Dr Joaquim Negreiros. The first edition was reprinted eight times before the decision was taken to update and revise the original volume… Continue reading New Korean and Chinese Editions of Howells’ Visual Culture

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Research Funding Success for CMCI Doctoral Students

Two research projects led by PhD students at the Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries have won financial support from the King’s Cultural Institute’s Collaborative Innovation Scheme. Toby Bennett will be working in collaboration with UK Music to improve awareness of shared challenges and mutual communications between education and the music industry. For more… Continue reading Research Funding Success for CMCI Doctoral Students

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Gamechangers – CMCI on the South Bank

CMCI’s Dr Nick Wilson gave an invited talk titled ': Period Performance' at the South Bank Centre, Purcell Room. This formed part of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's 'Gamechanger' series this season (they are an orchestra in residence). The study day was hosted by Catherine Bott, singer and presenter, formerly of Radio 3… Continue reading Gamechangers – CMCI on the South Bank

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Standing Room Only

It was standing room only at CMCI’s latest public event: “The Art of Re-enchantment: Making Early Music in the Modern Age.”This was an evening of discussion and musical performance to help celebrate Dr Nick Wilson’s new book The Art of Re-enchantment with Oxford University Press. It featured the celebrated writer, music journalist and scholar Professor… Continue reading Standing Room Only

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Going “Globital”: Beyond Digital Memory in Brazil

Five researchers from CMCI have just returned from Brazil after playing a leading role in a British Council funded Researcher Links initiative between six UK academic institutions and the University of Sao Paulo. The fully-funded three-day workshop entitled ‘Beyond the Digital: Collective Memory and Conflict in the Digital Age’ intensively developed research collaboration between British… Continue reading Going “Globital”: Beyond Digital Memory in Brazil

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A Strange and Ancient Reminder

A Strange and Ancient Reminder for Tuesday April 29: The Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries has pleasure in inviting you to join us for THE ART OF RE-ENCHANTMENT: MAKING EARLY MUSIC IN THE MODERN AGE an evening of discussion and musical performance. This is to help celebrate Dr Nick Wilson's new book with Oxford University Press,… Continue reading A Strange and Ancient Reminder

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New Book from CMCI’s Jessica Rapson

Congratulations to CMCI’s Dr Jessica Rapson on the publication of her edited volume The Transcultural Turn: Interrogating Memory Between and Beyond Borders.This new book, co-edited with Lucy Bond, is in the interdisciplinary field of memory studies, in which CMCI has a particular strength. Jessica’s volume pays particular attention to transculturalism, which sees remembering as a… Continue reading New Book from CMCI’s Jessica Rapson

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From Buddha to Bollywood

Bollywood came to CMCI –in the form of Professor Daya Thussu, who gave us a research seminar on ‘Bollywood and India’s Soft Power’. Professor Thussu explained that as the world’s largest film-producing nation, India had been exporting films since the 1930s. In more recent years, though, its popular cinema – ‘Bollywood’- had been globalized: Every… Continue reading From Buddha to Bollywood

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The Intimate, the Private and the Public

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells was an invited speaker at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (Centre for Studies in Sociology at the University Institute of Lisbon), Portugal. The occasion was an international, interdisciplinary conference on “The Intimate, the Private and the Public: Bridges and Ambiguities.” The conference was organised… Continue reading The Intimate, the Private and the Public

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Higher Love

Our Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, Dr Richard Howells, contributed the double-page Culture section to this week’s Times Higher Education magazine. His feature article: “Faking Cats and Dogs: Shades of Grey Among the eBay ‘Lowrys’” marks the closure of Tate Britain’s blockbuster “L.S. Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life” this month. Howells’… Continue reading Higher Love

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News from Nowhere

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has given a research paper at the 14th international conference of the Utopian Studies Society. Howells spoke on “Discord in Harmonie: George Rapp’s Ideal Communities in the United States, 1805-1905”. He compared these “lived Utopias” with British social reformer Robert Owen’s attempt to establish a similar community at New Harmony, Indiana… Continue reading News from Nowhere

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Henrik in Budapest

CMCI PhD student Henrik Lindén has given a research paper at The Eighth International Conference on the Arts in Society, held at the Eötvös Lorànd University in Budapest. His paper was: titled "Analysing Newspaper Art Reviews: A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach" and his conference participation was funded by the King's Graduate School through a Conference… Continue reading Henrik in Budapest

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BoB’s Your Uncle

CMCI’s Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries Dr Richard Howells has accepted an invitation to serve on the British Universities Film and Video Council Research Education Space (RES) Academic Working Group. This is a new initiative with the BBC and Jisc (the UK universities’ digital technology champion), which will result in additional access to… Continue reading BoB’s Your Uncle

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Opening up Speech Archives

Our Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries Dr Richard Howells continues his work with the British Library (BL)on archiving speech and moving pictures –and especially speech to text transcription technology for scholarly research. This month he attended both the BL’s advisory board on the project, and an invitation-only conference “Opening up Speech Archives.” The… Continue reading Opening up Speech Archives

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Two Cambridges and a Titanic

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells was the invited guest lecturer at the Annual General Meeting of the Emmanuel College Society at Cambridge University at the weekend. The attendees also included representatives of the Harvard Club of the United Kingdom. Dr Howells spoke on “Re-Sinking the Titanic: One Hundred Years On”. Here, he showed how the myth… Continue reading Two Cambridges and a Titanic

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The Titanic on Hampstead Heath

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells was a guest lecturer last weekend (November 18th) at Kenwood House, the neo-Classical Hampstead mansion that is home to the Iveagh Bequest including a very famous self-portrait by Rembrandt. Other artists represented include Vermeer, Hals, Turner and Reynolds. On this occasion, however, Howells was talking not about fine art but the… Continue reading The Titanic on Hampstead Heath

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Outrage: A Hat-trick for Dr Howells

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells is delighted to announce the publication of his latest book: Outrage: Art, Controversy, and Society, which he has co-edited with Andreea Ritivoi and Judith Schachter, his colleagues from the Center for the Arts and Society, based at Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. In addition to being a joint editor, Howells… Continue reading Outrage: A Hat-trick for Dr Howells

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Howells to Speak at Battle of Ideas: Student Discounts

  CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells will be among the speakers at the Battle of Ideas 2012, an annual festival of ideas, debate and discussion, organised by the Institute of Ideas. The event, now in its eighth year, takes a “fresh and considered view of key issues confronting contemporary society”, and will for the first time, be… Continue reading Howells to Speak at Battle of Ideas: Student Discounts

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CMCI on American Network TV News

Our Reader in Culture, Media and Cretaive Industries Dr Richard Howells was interviewed by ABC network television news in the USA for a feature “Titanic Folklore Exposed”. See: (but apologies for the annoying commercial that precedes it). You can also hear him talk about the Titanic and its myths on an iKing's podcast:

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Women and Children First!

It’s been a very busy period for CMCI’s resident Titanic expert Dr Richard Howells. First, the Centenary Edition of his monograph The Myth of the Titanic has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan’s scholarly division. This is an updated and expanded version of the 1999 original, and is available for the first time in paperback.… Continue reading Women and Children First!

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100 Years of the Titanic on Film

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has marked the centenary of the Titanic disaster with a new journal article: “100 Years of the Titanic on Film”. Here, Howells analyses all the major films on the Titanic since 1912, beginning with the earliest newsreels (some of which were faked) to James Cameron’s Oscar winning blockbuster, which is due… Continue reading 100 Years of the Titanic on Film

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CMCI Link with the British Library

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has accepted an invitation to join the advisory board of a British Library (BL) research project to investigate the use of speech-to-text technology in archiving and (crucially) cataloguing radio and television programmes for academic use in the arts and humanities. The BL have only relatively recently become involved in storing “time-based”… Continue reading CMCI Link with the British Library

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The British Universities Film and Video Council

CMCI's Dr Richard Howells has been re-appointed to the Advisory Board of the British Universities Film amd Video Council. The British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) is a representative body for universities and colleges in the UK. It supports the advancement of education by promoting the production, study and use of moving image, sound… Continue reading The British Universities Film and Video Council

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One Byron, Three Brontes and Two Beckhams

Richard Howells' 'Philosphy Salon' at the National Potrtait Gallery was picked out by The Times as their number one recommendation for talks in their Going Out guide. If you are reading this... you already missed it, but Dr Howells introduced and led a discussion on 'The Changing Nature of Celebrity', with the sub-title: ' One… Continue reading One Byron, Three Brontes and Two Beckhams

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National Portrait Gallery / CMCI Triple Bill

CMCI’s Dr. Richard Howells is giving a triple bill of events at London’s National Portrait Gallery. They all tie in with the gallery's current "Glamour of the Gods", an exhibition of studio stills from the golden age of Hollywood portrait photography. The events are: 1. A public lecture titled "From Actors to Icons", showing how… Continue reading National Portrait Gallery / CMCI Triple Bill

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“Groundbreaking Work”

There is glowing praise for a CMCI-based publication in the latest edition of the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. It takes the form of a review of Using Visual Evidence, devised and edited by CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells, together with Professor Robert Matson of the University of Pittsburgh. Quotations for the marquee include:… Continue reading “Groundbreaking Work”

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The Titanic in Modern Memory

Richard Howells gave the keynote lecture at IAMHIST XXIV, the 24th conference of the International Association for Media and History, held this year in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference theme was ‘Media History and Cultural Memory’, Dr Howells lectured on ‘The Titanic in Modern Memory’. He anticipated next year’s 100th anniversary of the sinking by showing… Continue reading The Titanic in Modern Memory

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There’s a glowing review of the CMCI-related volume The Public Value of the Humanities in The Times Higher Education Supplement. This is a book of essays from “leading humanities scholars” including CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells, and edited by Jonathon Bate. According to reviewer Malcolm Gillies, vice-chancellor of London Metropolitan University and a former president of… Continue reading “Top-Notch”

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Atheistic Christianity

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells was a plenary speaker at the “No Future” conference staged by the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Durham. His paper, “Beyond Bloch: Creation, Creativity and a Utopian Theory of Design” linked the visual arts with Bloch’s concept of “atheistic Christianity” and was ironically counter-pointed by the bells of… Continue reading Atheistic Christianity

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Sorting The Sheep from the Sheep

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has a chapter in a new book which has just been launched at London’s Tate Modern gallery. Speakers at the launch event included Universities Minister David Willetts, Lord Robert Winston, Baroness O’Neill and Arts and Humanities Research Council Chairman Sir Alan Wilson. In this book, “a group of distinguished humanities scholars”… Continue reading Sorting The Sheep from the Sheep

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Are we all cultural workers now?

That is the provocative question asked at a forthcoming workshop in Sydney , Australia at which CMCI’s Rosalind Gill will be giving the opening keynote. The talk will review “what we know” about the features of cultural and creative work, discussing issues such as precariousness, bulimic patterns of working, and the intensification and extensification of… Continue reading Are we all cultural workers now?

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CMCI at the Vancouver International Film Festival

Professor Rosalind Gill gave the opening keynote address to Women in View’s SEXMEDIAMONEY conference last month – attended by film-makers, academics, policy-makers and festival goers. Rosalind’s speech, entitled Unveiling the New Normal, examined the persistence of inequalities in the film and media industries, discussing the latest research from Skillset, Women in Film and Television, The… Continue reading CMCI at the Vancouver International Film Festival

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Young women’s negotiations of heterosexual conventions: Theorizing Sexuality in Constructions of ‘the Feminist’

Christina Scharff has a new publication is Sociology 44(5): 827-842. The article draws on her Ph.D. research and explores young women’s constructions of ‘the feminist’. Amongst other things, the article is about haunting and sticky stereotypes. Read the abstract if you’d like to find out more: ABSTRACT Even though the normativity of heterosexuality has come… Continue reading Young women’s negotiations of heterosexual conventions: Theorizing Sexuality in Constructions of ‘the Feminist’

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“A Definitive Anthology”

Richard Howells and Robert Matson’s Using Visual Evidence (Open University Press 2009) has received a sparkling review in the latest edition of the journal Film and History. Highlights include: "…two media historians—drawing upon years of detailed research—have compiled a definitive anthology. Clearly, Using Visual Evidence presents a unique interpretation of historical analysis where thirteen writers,… Continue reading “A Definitive Anthology”

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Researching Cultural and Creative Industries in London

There was a public launch of the RCCIL database on 11th May 2010 at City University London, which included a keynote address given by Professor Andy Pratt (King’s College London), together with a demonstration of the RCCIL website. Andy gave a talk entitled ‘Constructing an evidence base for research and governance of the cultural and… Continue reading Researching Cultural and Creative Industries in London

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Controversy, Art and Power

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has just returned from the Unites States where he had been invited to give a public lecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Richard argued that controversies in the arts are rarely only about the arts. While he agreed that some controversies are deliberately created for publicity and commercial reasons,… Continue reading Controversy, Art and Power

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CMCI hosts Animation seminar

CMCI hosted the "Animation industry in Japan and China: insiders’ views" seminar on 18 March 2010. Prof. Leilei Li from Shenzhen University gave a presentation on the Chinese animation industry from the perspective of media, geography and policy. This was followed by a talk by Mr Daisuke Okeda on current issues of the anime industry… Continue reading CMCI hosts Animation seminar

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The Cultural Impact of UK Film: Questions and Evidence

The full report of the seminar “The Cultural Impact of UK Film: Questions and Evidence” has now been published online. It includes the contribution of CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells, who was invited to present his thoughts on the issue. By way of background: In 2008 the UK Film Council commissioned a consortium of Narval Media,… Continue reading The Cultural Impact of UK Film: Questions and Evidence

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Merry Christmas, Dr Burke

It’s an especially merry Christmas for CMCI postgraduate research student Wendy Burke, who has sailed though her viva (with no corrections!) to be awarded her PhD. Wendy’s thesis: “A Dutch occupation: The representation of World War Two in films from the Netherlands, 1962 to 1986”, analysed the films as reflections of the underlying concerns of… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Dr Burke

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Thank You for the Music (terms and conditions apply)

Music copyright is a very hot issue at the moment, and so Lost in CCI recommends a recently published and highly topical special issue of the journal Information, Communication and Society (Vol 12.2) edited by CMCI’s Professor Andy Pratt with Martin Kretschmer. The article is titled: ' Copyright, and the Production of Music', and here… Continue reading Thank You for the Music (terms and conditions apply)

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More from Andy

CMCI’s new professor Andy Pratt is certainly keeping both busy and productive: he reports two more publications and a keynote conference paper. The publications are Pratt, A.C. (2009) "Cultural Economy" in R. Kitchen and N. Thrift (eds.), International Encylopedia of Human Geography, Volume 2, Elsevier, Oxford, pp 407-10. Pratt, A. C. (2009) "Critical Realism/Critical Realist… Continue reading More from Andy

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Manga, Anime and Scanlation

Congratulations to CMCI’s Dr Hye-Kyung Lee, who has just had an article published in the highly respected journal Media, Culture and Society. “Between fan culture and copyright infringement: manga scanlation” is based on her successful presentation at last year's CMCI symposium on anime and manga. Hye-Kyung is already known for her work on cultural policy… Continue reading Manga, Anime and Scanlation

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Andy’s Swiss Role

CMCI’s Professor Andy Pratt is recently back from Geneva, where he was attending an expert meeting on “Developing guidelines to assess the economic, social and cultural impact of intellectual property in the creative industries” at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (an agency of the United Nations). It is hoped that this group will develop means… Continue reading Andy’s Swiss Role

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Congratulations to Joaquim -Again!

Congratulations again to CMCI’s recent PhD graduate Dr Joaquim Negreiros. He’s now won a post-doctoral award from the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, the public Portuguese institution that supports scientific research. The grant will enable Joaquim to carry out a research project focusing on the connections between citizenship and family life, and how these… Continue reading Congratulations to Joaquim -Again!

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Museums and Urban Regeneration

CMCI’s Professor Andy Pratt has been busy presenting ongoing work about museums and urban regeneration. He recently presented a joint paper at a seminar at LSE, written with Corinna Dean and Caroline Donnellan of LSE Cities Programme, entitled ‘The Tate Modern: pushing the limits of regeneration’. The paper discussed a range of tensions created within… Continue reading Museums and Urban Regeneration

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A Sound Research Resource

The British Library have launched their spoken word and music sound archive on line. They tell us that they are putting "thousands of rare, unpublished and out-of-print recordings" on line for UK academic and researchers. The archive includes fine art, photography and design interviews in addition to ICA talks from luminaries including Salman Rushie, John… Continue reading A Sound Research Resource

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Making Meaning, Making Money

All our PhD and MA students are invited to a book launch and panel discussion which the centre is putting on in collaboration with the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies and in partnership with the National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University. The book is Making Meaning, Making Money, an Anglo-Australian volume edited by Lisa… Continue reading Making Meaning, Making Money

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Manga scanlation interview

CMCI's Dr Hye-Kyung Lee recently gave an interview to a Japanese news agency about the scanlation of manga (comic books), on which she has been doing some research. Scanlation is defined by Wikipedia as 'the unauthorised scanning, translation, editing and distribution of comics from a foreign language into the language of the distributors'. An article… Continue reading Manga scanlation interview

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Picture Perfect

Congratulations to CMCI lecturer Dr Harvey Cohen: The King’s College Humanities Research Committee has awarded him a welcome sum to help with the photographic costs for his forthcoming monograph Duke Ellington’s America. Lost in CCI thanks the committee in return. Harvey’s book is due out in spring 2010 with Chicago University Press.

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Paper ‘Democratic Culture: opening the arts to everyone’ by James Holden

A paper entitled Democratic Culture: opening the arts to everyone, published by Demos in December 2008, is available to download at More info: "This report looks at what ‘culture’ means today, and challenges audiences, critics and cultural professionals to change their attitudes in order to allow greater access and participation. "We can all now… Continue reading Paper ‘Democratic Culture: opening the arts to everyone’ by James Holden

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Managing Nicely

CMCI’s cultural management specialist Dr Lynne Nikolychuk has been more than a little busy lately... She was the lead researcher for a report just published on “UK Independent Television & Film Sectors: Exploring New Collaborative (Business) Models”. The project was funded by the London Development Agency and supported by King’s Business Ltd. It’s been published… Continue reading Managing Nicely

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Is It Becoz I Went to Cambridge?

The character of Ali G may not be famed for his intellectual capacities, but he was nevertheless the subject of a research paper that centre director Dr Richard Howells gave at Cambridge University. “It’s Semiotic, Innit?” explained the often contentious relationship between race, humour and television, and looked closely at how Sacha Baron Cohen, the… Continue reading Is It Becoz I Went to Cambridge?

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Myth, Film and Memory

CMCI PhD student Wendy Burke presented her research paper ‘Myth, memory and re-writing the past in film: The shifting image of resistance and collaboration in Dutch films about World War Two from the 1960s and 1970s’ at the UCL Centre for European Studies Symposium ‘Transitions: European Communities of Experience and Memory’. Lost in CCI understands… Continue reading Myth, Film and Memory

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The Contentious Museum

Last week Dr Ruth Adams attended the 6th University Museums in Scotland conference, on the topic of 'The Contentious Museum', at the University in snowy(!) Aberdeen. Session topics included 'Human remains and sacred items', 'Negotiating with communities' and 'The Legacy of empire and slavery'. Ruth contributed a paper to this last session which considered the… Continue reading The Contentious Museum

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Celebrity Photography Since the Kuroi

Centre director Dr Richard Howells gave a well-attended guest research seminar next door at the Courtauld Institute of Art . "Celebrity Photography since the Kuroi" was a research paper in progress in which Richard worked to explain the almost sacred appeal of the celebrity photographic image today. The paper was followed by questions and then… Continue reading Celebrity Photography Since the Kuroi

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Researching the Arts -Why Bother?

Organisers had to put out extra chairs to cater for the demand at the CMCI-initiated “Researching the Arts –Why Bother?” public debate held in the splendour of the Weston Room at KCL’s Maughan Library. The event was conceived by centre director Dr Richard Howells in collaboration with the Institute of Ideas and the Arts and… Continue reading Researching the Arts -Why Bother?

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Visiting Researchers

The Centre for Cultural, Media and Creative Industries now has three visiting researchers as part of the team. Sue Hoyle is Director of the Clore Leadership Programme, Bettany Hughes is a witer and broadcaster, and Antti Tietäväinen of the University of Tampere, Finland. He is researching globalisation, Foucauldian analysis and actor network theory. To find… Continue reading Visiting Researchers

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New Lecturer Joins the MA in CCI

Lost in CCI welcomes a new lecturer to the MA in Cultural and Creative Industries programme for 2008-9. Originally from Canada, Dr Lynne Nikolychuk joins us from the Department of Management, here at King’s College London. Previously she worked on the CMI (Cambridge-MIT) Digital Technologies Project at Judge Business School (JBS), Cambridge University, investigating the… Continue reading New Lecturer Joins the MA in CCI

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Punk rock as English heritage

Dr Ruth Adams's latest publication is a paper for the academic journal Popular Music and Society entitled 'The Englishness of English Punk: Sex Pistols, Subcultures, and Nostalgia'. The paper considers "the Englishness of the Sex Pistols and the cultural productions associated with them", asking whether "the challenge that they posed to conventional, Establishment, consensus notions… Continue reading Punk rock as English heritage

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The Value of Arts and Humanities Research

Centre Director Dr Richard Howells is one of “a small number of eminent UK arts and humanities scholars” commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to write an essay on the value of academic research in the arts and humanities. The commission is to show “in language accessible to non-specialists” how arts and humanities… Continue reading The Value of Arts and Humanities Research

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M.A. Postdoctoral Fellowship

This research opportunity may be of interest to CCI students and alumni... The Courtauld Institute of Art Research Forum/Mellon Foundation M.A. Postdoctoral Fellowship for period 1 September 2008 to 31 August 2009 £22,000 per annum plus £300 travel award upon application This fellowship offers an early career researcher in the field of Modern or Contemporary… Continue reading M.A. Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Liverpool’s cultural sustainability

We received this ad via the Cultural Industries mailing list... THE UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL PhD Studentship AHRC/ESRC funded research: ‘Cultural Sustainability? Liverpool in 2008’ £12,600 tax free stipend An opportunity has arisen for a fully funded research studentship leading to the qualification of PhD based on research into the theory and practice of… Continue reading Liverpool’s cultural sustainability

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Visual Culture in Chinese

Dr Richard Howells' Visual Culture is now available in Chinese. The book was originally published in England and the United States by Cambridge's Polity Press. Now, the Guangxi Normal University Press have published a 2007 edition in Chinese simplified characters. The cover remains very similar, though, with a digitally re-worked version of Jan Van Eyck's… Continue reading Visual Culture in Chinese

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Creative Workers in a Global Economy

[from press release] Creative Workers in a Global Economy - new publication "To all those with an interest in Communications Studies, Media Studies and Cultural Studies. "We are proud to announce the publication of Volume I No 1 of this new international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. Also published independently as a book entitled The Spark in… Continue reading Creative Workers in a Global Economy