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See the “Intertwined: Fashion, Textile and Heritage in Nigeria” exhibition online

This exhibition was a collaborative creative project by photographer and King’s MA Arts & Cultural Management student, Bayo Omoboriowo, and King’s College London researchers: Dr Roberta Comunian and Dr Lauren England (Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries) and Dr Eka Ikpe (African Leadership Centre). In 2019, the researchers were awarded a King’s Together Seed Fund grant for the Africa Fashion Futures project, which provided the academic content and enquiry explored within the exhibition.The exhibition was held at King’s College London between 28 February and 11 March 2022. The research video below has just been published by the research team to allow everyone to enjoy the exhibition and its content virtually.


Intertwined: Fashion, Textile and Heritage in Nigeria was designed by Dr Roberta Comunian and Dr Lauren England (Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s), Dr Eka Ikpe (African Leadership Centre, King’s) and Dr Ananya Kabir (Department of English, King’s). All images have been contributed by photographer Bayo Omoboriowo. Fabrics shown as part of the exhibition are courtesy of Ituen Basi and The Garment Factory, Nigeria. Funding awarded to Dr Comunian, Dr England, Dr Ikpe and Dr Kabir through King’s Together Seed Funds allowed the research behind the exhibition to be undertaken in 2019-2020 and resulted in the Africa Fashion Futures research project. Kwan Yiu Ho (MA student, Department of Culture, Media and Creative industries, King’s) designed the exhibition information and support materials. King’s Department of Culture, Media and Creative industries supported the printing of the exhibition photos and support materials. The Culture team facilitated the use of the Arcade Space to host this exhibition. Colleagues, projects partners and collaborators across Africa via the Africa Hub for Sustainable Creative Economies have also provided input and encouragement.