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New Book from Leung Wing-Fai

Fai Digital entreprenurship_cover

Congratulations to CMCI’s Dr Leung Wing-Fai on the e-publication of her new book: Digital Entrepreneurship, Gender and Intersectionality: An East Asian Perspective.

Her book is the result of qualitative research focusing on Internet start-ups, digital entrepreneurship, race and sex discrimination, and the “sharing economy”.

It addresses intersections between gender, age, ethnicity and class with a focus on start-up founders- including many husband and wife teams– in order to understand the working and private lives of digital entrepreneurs in and from Taiwan.

The book places all this against a backdrop of the country’s political, social and economic history, while investigating contemporary debates about entrepreneurship as they are experienced by new generations of start-uppers who challenge existing social and cultural norms by becoming creative workers and embracing the precarity that exists in the volatile digital economy.

The hard copy is to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019. Meanwhile, the electronic version is available at:




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