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Moving Hearts


How do you fancy making a human heart –out of clay of course! CMCI’s Professor Anna Reading  hopes there will be 1,000 of them ready by the time the Moving Hearts Procession she is helping to organise sets off from King’s to London’s  Migration Museum at the Workshop in Lambeth on March 24.

Moving Hearts is a collaboration between Anna, Australian artist Penny Ryan, and Dr James Bjork, also from King’s. It builds on Penny’s previous Connecting Hearts Project, which has involved 1000s of people in Sydney reflecting on their connection with people seeking asylum, particularly those in detention.

The organisers say that debates about migration often focus on the divide between those with and those without a right to belong in the UK and that it is easy to forget the hearts we have in common. Moving Hearts invites the public to participate in an art and research project that raises questions about belonging.

If you want to participate, free workshops are being held at venues in central London (including at King’s) until March 17th. More details –including how to register– are available at:  The project is funded by the Alliance PluS social justice theme with UNSW and Arizona State University. The Claytime Collective are providing free clay and firing.

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