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Children’s Screen Content in an Era of Forced Migration

Arab Europe AHRC

We are delighted to announce the new website for the CMCI-led research project into “Children’s Screen Content in an Era of Forced Migration: Facilitating Arab-European Dialogue”.

Headed by our Professor Jeanette Steemers, the researchers are investigating ways in which European broadcasters, policy-makers, producers and children’s advocacy organisations can better understand the information and entertainment needs of young Arabic-speaking children who have fled to Europe –together with the children who have seen them arrive. Thousands of Arabic-speaking families, most of them from Syria and Iraq, have taken up residence in Germany and Sweden in the last two years, while hundreds of unaccompanied refugee children have found homes in these countries and the UK.

The project will show how imaginatively-produced screen content for young children could fill gaps in what is currently available on all sides of the forced migration flows at a time when they may struggle to make sense of the new environments in which they find themselves.

In this work, Professor Steemers is assisted by Co-Investigator: Professor Naomi Sakr of the University of Westminster, and Research Associate Dr Christine Singer of CMCI. The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the project website is at:


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