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Sweetman on Subcultures

Sweetman Scooters

CMCI Senior Lecturer Dr Paul Sweetman has been collaborating with researchers from Scandinavia on a paper on ‘Subcultures and the Experience and Branding of Place and Fashion’, which they co-presented at the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference in London.

Working with Professor Atle Hauge (Eastern Norway Research Institute), and Professor Dominic Power (Stockholm University), Dr Sweetman looked at the cultural and economic impact of key subcultural groups, especially the relationship between subcultures and place, together with branding, marketing, fashion, and people’s perceptions and experiences of urban spaces.

It is part of a wider project that Paul, Atle and Dominic are currently developing, and formed part of a session on Exploring Brands and Being organised by Anna McLauchlan, University of Leeds, and Steve Millington, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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