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Chile in London

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-24 a la(s) 16.09.17

Colleagues from Chile and London are joining CMCI’s Dr Jo Entwistle in organizing a symposium on ‘Cultural Mediators in the Digital Age’.

Together with Arturo Arrigada from Chile and Agnes Rocamora from University of the Arts, London, Jo will explore how much of the early literature within cultural studies -and across a range of industries including fashion, music, popular media/magazines- is relevant to today’s digital age.

The CMCI-supported symposium will gather experts from across the cultural industries to discuss how digital spaces (such as blogs, social media, and websites) are facilitating the emergence of new cultural and economic forms.

The symposium is set for 04 September, 2017 and places are available at £50 and £30 (for students). For more information and a draft programme, go to:



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