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Can Computers Be Creative?


Pulitzer Prize nominee Professor Arthur I Miller will be speaking at CMCI: He claims that there is a revolution going on in the world of art, a new avant-garde pushing the boundaries farther than ever before. Art, science and technology, he says, are merging to form a “Third Culture”. He calls this exciting new art movement ‘artsci’.

Artsci sees artists, scientists and technologists rolled into one. But today this goes dramatically further because computers are playing an increasingly important role in producing art and music. The question naturally arises: Can Computers Be Creative?

Miller (pictured) is fascinated by the nature of creative thinking – in art on the one hand and science on the other. What are the similarities, what are the differences? He has published many critically acclaimed books, including Insights of GeniusEinstein, PicassoEmpire of the Stars and 137, and writes for the Guardian and The New York Times. His latest book Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art tells the story of how art, science and technology are fusing in the twenty-first century.

This CMCI Research Seminar takes place from 16.00-17.30hrs on Wednesday7 December 2016; Strand campus room S-3.20. All are welcome.

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