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We don’t know how often ‘Tuefftoggle’ is played here at King’s College London, but thanks to CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal, it certainly has been now.

It was part of event that Ricarda, along with Maria-José Blanco and Carolin Huth, staged as part of the college’s Arts and Humanities Research Festival, which this year has a theme of “play.”

Ricarda and her team have been researching the connection between translation and play. Between April and July 2016 they collected memories of games played by British and international students and staff of King’s College London when they were children. They ended up with the names and rules of games from 19 countries, which they translated into English, both literally and by finding equivalent games. They also interviewed participants and conducted a series of ‘game sessions’, which they recorded and edited into a short film, together with additional research.

Based on their collection of favourite childhood games, they devised a series of new multilingual games, which were presented alongside their short film at the festival. Our picture shows a group playing ‘Tuefftoggle’, which involves writing a multilingual story.

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