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Meet Our New Visiting Fellows

notley evans

We are delighted to welcome two Visiting Fellows to CMCI this semester: Dr Tanya Notley and Dr Heather Brunskill-Evans.

Dr Notley (pictured left) is currently a Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the Institute for Culture & Society Western Sydney University (USW). She will be with the Department for an initial period of three years while working with Professor Anna Reading for the duration of their joint research project funded by the Australian Research Council (shared between WSU, KCL, and various other universities). Dr Notley will be dropping into the Department intermittently over the duration of this four year research project. Her first visit is just two weeks, and has just begun.

Dr Brunskill-Evans (right) is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Medical Humanities at University of Leicester and will be joining us for an initial period of six months, with a view to extending it. She is a social theorist and works on the bio-politics of pornography, prostitution, the sex-trade and transgenderism as discursive practices that occur within the context of sex inequality, neo-liberalism, global capitalism and the proliferation of digital-technologies.

Welcome, both.

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