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When The Data Stops


A second Australian scholar is preparing to talk at CMCI, adding to the international profile of our departmental seminar series.

Next up is Dr Tanya Notley from the University of Western Sydney will be speaking on: “Data, Memory and Territory: Exploring the Political Economy of Data Centres”.  Here, Dr Notley will argue that without data centres, our world stops. Flights are grounded, Wall Street closes, and the Internet grinds to a halt. So what can we do about it?

This presentation introduces a new research project that seeks to explore the social, economic, cultural and political implications of data centres. Focusing on data centres in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, the project, carried out in collaboration with CMCI’ Professor Anna Reading, aims to advance understandings of how these facilities are contributing to, challenging and transforming ways of living and working.

CMCI PhD and MA students are invited to join the academic staff for the seminar from 16.00-17.30hrs 12 October 2016 in the Strand Campus, room S-3.20.

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