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Words, Brush-strokes and Dancing Shoes


Words, brush-strokes and dancing shoes have combined in a symposium on translatability across invisible borders in a symposium: Intersemiotic Translation, organised by CMCI Teaching Fellow Dr Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell.

They explain that intersemiotic translation (such the translation of a poem into dance, or a short story into an olfactory experience, or a film into a painting) opens up a myriad of possibilities to carries form and sense from one culture into another -beyond the limitations of words. The symposium brought together an international group of academics, translators, curators and artists.  For more information, see:

Meanwhile, you can still join Ricarda and her team for a lunchtime of child’s play in The Quad at the Strand Campus on Wednesday 6 July, 1pm – 2pm. If you haven’t yet filled in thier survey, you can do so here: Participants will go into a draw to win a £50 book voucher!

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