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International Successes for Kate McMillan

MacMillan Image

CMCI Teaching Fellow Dr Kate McMillan is celebrating a string of international success.

Just as she prepares to go to St Petersburg, Russia to research new works as a guest of the National Centre for Contemporary Art, she has received Art Council England/British Council funding (via their Artists International Development Fund) to develop and present a new film work ‘The Ghosts of Material Things’ in Berlin next year at the Kunsthaus Bethanian

Earlier this year, Kate presented a solo show, ‘Stones for Dancing, Stones for Dying’ at Castor Projects, London. On top of that she also had a new film work presented at Art Basel HK as part of the exhibition ‘Acentred: Reterritorised Network of European and Chinese Moving Image‘.

Our image shows Stones for Dancing, Stones for Dying, 2016, a digital photograph, 55 x 76cm, courtesy of the artist. And yes, it’s deliberate: It is designed to be shown that way up.

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