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Lookin’ Good?

Creative Fashion

If you are a creative worker, how important is your appearance and does it matter at work?

CMCI Senior Lecturers Dr Joanne Entwistle and Dr Paul Sweetman are researching the way creative workers dress and whether there are clear distinctions between dress for work and dress outside of work.

They hope to find out how important (or not) it is to manage one’s appearance as part of a creative career. They question whether increasing competition and insecurity, ‘portfolio careers’, and the erosion of clear distinctions between leisure and work throw up particular issues for the management of appearance for creative workers.

If you work in the cultural and creative industries and are interested in taking part in a focus group exploring these issues, contact Jo or Paul directly: or You will be provided with full details of the project: The focus groups will last approximately one hour and will be held at King’s College London on the Strand. TfL travel costs will be reimbursed. The personal data of all participants will be treated confidentially and subsequently anonymised.

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