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Re-Hanging “Hangmen”


In the build-up to the CMCI Live Cinema conference and event at King’s on Friday (May 27th), student Emily Brown has been reflecting on her work as a researcher on the project.

As part of the day, a multi-disciplinary performance has been devised to demonstrate how live performance, “event” cinema, and “live” cinema combine to captivate an audience and provide a unique theatrical experience.

The King’s event concludes with a “re-hanging” of Martin McDonagh’s West End play “Hangmen”, part of which eerily parallels the case of James Hanratty, one of the last people in Britain to be executed for murder, and defended in court by King’s College London alumnus Michael Sherrard.

Emily, who is studying history, was brought into the creative process by CMCI’s Dr Sarah Atkinson and her team as a researcher, helping to ensure that the re-playing of the original text was grounded in historical accuracy. You can read all about her involvement with the project at:

For more on the conference and event, go to:


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