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An Insight into Freelancing

Freelance 2

Members of CMCI’s Creative Careers Student Committee have provided glimpse into the freelancing world of the cultural and creative industries.

They brought together four panellists from the arts and media industries to debate the challenges and opportunities of freelancing in the sector: Jacques Viljoen, a South-African visual artist and PR exponent; Lucy Scholes, a freelance critic and journalist; Lydia Fraser-Ward, a freelance creative producer, choreographer and theatre practitioner; and Nimrod Kramer, a satirist, comedy writer and journalist.

Drs Kate McMillan and Laura Speers opened the debate about the nature of freelancing, and the reasons why one might choose that path. Some 45 students joined in and raised concerns about the uncertainties of the current job market.

This event was supervised by Dr. Roberta Comunian and run by Leyla Delcorde, Jiameng Lin, Francesco Mastroviti, Hua Wang and Miffy Zheng.

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