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Alumni: Where are You and How Are You Doing?

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What are our alumni up to? And how easy has it been for you to find work after graduation? We want to find out, and so we have launched a new project to explore issues of access to careers in the cultural and creative industries through the experiences of our CMCI alumni.

We will be investigating how people who have taken the MA CCI and the MA ACM encountered barriers, challenges and experiences after graduation. This will in turn help us to build a long-term network that will facilitate interaction between CMCI alumni over time and re-connect them to the department for careers activities and advice. It will also provide us with better knowledge about the real career trajectories of our students.

The project is being run by Dr Roberta Comunian and Dr Laura Speers, in collaboration with PhD students Sana Kim and Anna Khlusova, together with a group of current MA students.

If you are a CMCI alumnus/alumna and would like to be involved, you can find the details here: The information is collected anonymously: Further ethical information can be found at

The findings will be made available over the summer to everyone though a summary report. At the end of the survey, you will also be invited to engage further, via a qualitative semi-structured interview -but this is not compulsory and we will be grateful of your involvement even if you can only complete the brief survey.

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