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Anna Reading in the Netherlands

AR Museum of world cultures

CMCI Professor Anna Reading was invited to speak to museum curators on how ethnographic museums can record and preserve digital practices and artefacts. The talk was held at the renowned Museum of World Cultures in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Anna Reading spoke about her research on memory in the digital global or “globital age” outlining how ethnographic museums can use this to curate digital preservation work that includes domains of body, home and the public sphere. The event drew around 75 participants and involved museum curators, directors and archivists as well as international academics working in ethnographic world cultures.

Liza Swaving, one of the organisers of the conference, ‘Digital Horizons, Virtual Selves: Rethinking Cultural Heritage in the Museum’, said afterwards: “We believe it was a very inspiring conference that brought new insights on how we can remember the digital age within the context of the (ethnographic) museum”. She added: “the conference brought together perspectives from different disciplines, which generated new insights, but also new questions for further research.”

More information and links to a video of the event and papers can be found at the Research Centre for Material Culture.

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