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CMCI at the Arts and Humanities Festival -Update

KCL Arts Festival 2015 at the KCL Strand Campus, London on the 13/10/2015. Photo: David Tett

CMCI continues to contribute as the KCL Arts and Humanities Festival enters its second week.

Don’t forget: The film screening followed by a panel discussion on the co-creative process chaired by Dr Btihaj Ajana on Monday the 20th October. Registration URL:

 Professor Anna Reading gives her Inaugural Professorial Lecture on Wednesday on 21st October at 18.30. It is titled: “A story of memory: Gender materiality technology” and is followed by wine and canapes.

Dr Ricarda Vidal and Dr Melissa Nisbett both present their events on Friday 23 October: Dr Vidal with: “Translation Games: Weaving Translation into Poetic Collage”:

Dr Nisbett then joins in the Dance Umbrella debate on the Body Politic:

Our pictures show Dr Richard Howells in action during the first week of the festival (above) and talking with CMCI students following his public lecture and book launch. Thanks to David Tett Photography for the images.


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