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Ruth in Rio

Ruth PosterCMCI’s Dr Ruth Adams is just back from a very busy time in Rio de Janeiro.  She gave two guest lectures to the Department of Communication at PUC-Rio (Pontifical Catholic University): one on the creative industries in the UK and the second on her research on youth subcultures and music scenes in postcolonial London.  The lecture on subcultures is available to watch here: as-Sociais/Comunicacao/Encontro-com-Ruth-Adams-26039.html#.VWQ45KY-Jl8

Ruth tells us that she found herself besieged by student reporters.  She gave interviews for the university’s student newspapers, as well as their radio and television stations.  You can see some of the results here:

Ruth also took part in a panel event with three young people engaged in the cultural and political life of Rio. This event was hosted by Casa do Saber, a media and education centre run by O Globo, Brazil’s leading national newspaper. O Globo published an interview with Ruth in which she talked about punk, the royal family and the “great British curry”. See:

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