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Translation Games on Tour

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CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal takes her Translation Games project on tour –this time to Wokingham as part of the Library Fest event. The aim is (once again) to inspire participants to see different art forms through a translator’s eyes, to make new sensory links and to tap into their creative potential.

Ricarda and collaborator Katrina Barnes will draw on two visual translations produced during Still: Denise Riley to Image and challenge participants to retranslate those into a poem. At the end, they will reveal the original poem and compare it with the versions produced during the workshop. What has been preserved? Is there an essence?

The workshop is aimed at participants with creative interests from age 16 and above (but we are sure no MA students will be turned away). It takes place on 9th May 2015, from 2-3.30 pm. To book a place call Wokingham Library on (0118) 978 1368. Extra details at:

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