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Dead Exciting

Power of Death - Book launch - 15 May (2)

Members of the CMCI community are invited to take a peek at the world beyond…in the form of a book launch, round table and exhibition/film screening complete with a wine reception.

The book is The Power of Death, edited by our own Dr Ricarda Vidal, together with Maria-José Blanco. The event will also feature artists Briony Campbell and Sarah Sparkes, together with researcher Ricardo Gutierrez Vargas, and the exhibition includes Sarah Sparkes’ coffin (pictured on the cover) and short films by Briony Campbell, Colette Copeland, Spiros Jacovides and Rune and Erik Eriksson.

Join us in the River Room, KCL, on 15 May 18.00-21.00; more on Facebook:

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