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A Great Place to Visit?

According to the Kent Tourist Office, the former sea-side resort of Folkestone is a great place to visit. But is it? A group of MA CCI and MA ACM students and two of our lecturers took a field trip to find out how far that description really holds true -or whether the pastel paint is already flaking…

Their visit began with a talk by Nick Ewbank who gave the group an overview of Folkestone’s many declines and rises. After a lunch break they met with two local artists, Brigitte Orasinski, artistic director of the Folkestone arts charity Strange Cargo, and Matt Rowe, a ceramic artist and curator.

While both praised the investment and the idealism that drove the foundation of Folkstone’s Creative Quarter and the Triennials, they were at the same time aware of the pitfalls and problems inherent to a regeneration which was largely imposed from above and where some decisions seemed to have been made more with a view to appearances rather than to artistic needs.

Our picture shows the group with lecturer Dr Ruth Adams and expedition leader Dr Ricarda Vidal.

Folkestone Trip

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