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CMCI Student Wins Gold at the ‘Jewellery Oscars’

Liu Portrait

It’s congratulations again to CMCI student Isabella Liu, who has won multiple awards at the prestigious Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Competition.

The competition- which Isabella describes as the: ‘Jewellery Oscars‘- has been held annually by the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council (GC&DC) since 1908. This year saw over 800 entrants and 22 gold awards, three of which went to Liu.

Currently based in the U.K., China-born Isabella had three design artworks in the competition; all received gold awards in three different categories. Her 2D Design Fashion Jewellery enjoyed another two separate silver awards.

Isabella took her BA in Jewellery Design at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery in 2013 after she finished her studies at the Academy of International Visual Arts of Shanghai. Now she is studying a master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management with us in CMCI. She has been winning awards since 2012. More at:

'Mending' Collection Tableware Set-2

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