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The (R)evolution of Street Art


Our MA student research group on ‘Culture, Governance and Cities’, are putting on a high-powered panel discussion on “The (R)evolution of Street Art: spatiality and perceptions in contemporary society”.

The group argue that although it was once only defined by the walls, road signs, and train carriages it was sprayed upon, street art today is undergoing a revolution in form, space and governance.

The panel will be comprise of Ingrid Beazley, the creative behind the ‘Baroque The Streets: Dulwich Street Art Festival 2013’, Lee Bofkin, the co-founder of Global Street Art; Louis Masai, street and studio artist; Simon Baxter, Head of Clean and Green at London Borough of Tower Hamlets; and Dr. Luke Dickens, research associate at the Open University and the continuing project, ‘Creating Hackney as Home’.

The event takes place on Friday 27th March, 2015 from 18.30-21.30 at The Nash Theatre (K2.31), at the KCL Strand Campus. The group have a Twitter account: @KCL_StreetArt, a Facebook event and an Eventbrite event for RSVP:

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