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Last Chance to See….

Dr Richard Howells, our Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, and author of Visual Culture recommends “Late Turner: Painting Set Free” at Tate Britain.

He writes: “Turner is an artist whom people who ‘don’t know much about art’ will say they like if they are pressed for the name of an artist they remember. This is not Turner’s fault. Yes: some of his works are over-familiar and not every one of them (how could they be?) is first rate. But in amongst the greatest hits in this exhibition are lesser-known works –especially sketches and watercolours- that show how good Turner at his best (and most inventive) really could be. Catch it while you can: it’s shortly to close. On the other hand… this is another of London’s pay-to-enter exhibitions within a public gallery. When it’s over you’ll be able to go back and see many of the same images for free back in the permanent collection.”

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