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Classic Scharff

CMCI’s Dr Christina Scharff continues to be active disseminating her research beyond the college walls. Earlier this month she spoke at an event organised by London Music Masters and presented the findings from her current research on inequalities in the classical music profession. After her talk, Christina joined a panel of speakers including Simon Robey (Chair of the Board at Royal Opera House and Aldeburgh Music). The debate was chaired by Tom Service (BBC/The Guardian) and more information can be found at:

A week later, Christina was invited to give a presentation at the Faculty of Music/ Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge. Along with fellow academics, Christina discussed the role of ‘Creativity and Institutions’ during a daylong workshop.

Christina has also been active in the ‘online world’. With her project colleagues she designed and delivered an online international lecture series on “Feminisms in the Digital Age: Transnational Activism in Germany and Beyond”. The series consists of five lectures and a final roundtable and can be viewed at: . You can post your own questions and thoughts on Twitter @PopFemActivism #digifemactivism or send them to

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