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CMCI at the Arts and Humanities Festival


CMCI is making another big contribution to the KCL Arts and Humanities Festival this year:

Nick Wilson is contributing to an event titled ‘53 Million Artists’ This will be a talk and workshop, introducing the 53 million artists project that seeks to promote cultural and artistic engagement by everyone, not just those already actively involved in the arts. It’s at 7pm on October 22nd: Go to to book a place and see for a gallery of pictures and reflections so far.

Harvey Cohen will be returning briefly from his sabbatical to do a live film and lecture event about the early career of Charlie Chaplin. It’s on 24 October at 6:30PM. Tickets are free but need to be signed up for at:

Christina Scharff is organising two events: Classical Music: Critical Challenges – a one-day international conference: and What lies beneath? Exploring the hidden currents of the classical music world – Concert and panel discussion on inequalities in the classical music profession: Both are on October 17th.

Btihaj Ajana is staging an exhibition: “Autopoiesis 2.0” which will also be running during the upcoming Art and Humanities Festival 2014. For details, see:

and B McLure is an Associate Researcher on the ERC-funded Modern Moves project and will be participating in various discussions and dance workshops during the festival with colleagues from the English and Music departments. Details at

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