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Translation Games: P.O.W.

Translation Games, which is led by CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal and Jenny Chamarette (Queen Mary), recently held an event which was conceived specifically for the Special Edition series at the Saison Poetry Library, Southbank Centre.

Ricarda and Jenny have chosen five poems from Antonio Claudio Carvalho’s concrete poetry magazine p.o.w.: Simon Barraclough’s “two sun spots”, Paul Brown’s “cold”, Antonio Claudio Carvalho’s “(the) flesh of gods”, Mel Gooding’s “sextet: improvisations”, and Chrissy Williams’s “murder she wrote”.

They invited filmmaker Anna Cady, multimedia artist Sam Treadaway and digital artist Katja Knecht to choose one of the five poems and translate it into their medium. The artists presented their translations on the evening of 5 March and discussed the challenges and revelations of translating from one medium (text) into another (fine arts).
The poet Steven Fowler simultaneously translated the discussions into live writing.

For more information and to see the poems, please visit the website:
Anna Cady still - Cold
Film still of Anna Cady’s translation of Paul Brown’s poem ‘cold’

Translation Games explores the theory and practice of translation within literature (i.e. between languages), the fine arts (i.e. between art genres), and textile design as well as across these disciplines. Modelled on the game of Chinese Whispers, where a message is passed from person to person and goes through various stages of transformation, the Games see a commissioned source text translated through a series of languages, art genres, and textile designs. Based on collaboration and knowledge exchange between literary translators, artists, designers, and academics, the project comprises a programme of workshops and symposia, as well as a series of public exhibitions, performances and publications.

Translation Games has been playing since May 2013 with various rules, various players and various outcomes. Browse through the website ( to see the results.

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