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From Buddha to Bollywood

ImageBollywood came to CMCI –in the form of Professor Daya Thussu, who gave us a research seminar on ‘Bollywood and India’s Soft Power’. Professor Thussu explained that as the world’s largest film-producing nation, India had been exporting films since the 1930s. In more recent years, though, its popular cinema – ‘Bollywood’- had been globalized: Every year a billion more people watch a Bollywood film than a Hollywood movie. His seminar discussed to what extent Bollywood’s cultural influence contributed to India’s soft power. The seminar tied in with the speaker’s new book Communicating India’s Soft Power: Buddha to Bollywood – the first book-length study of India’s soft power. Professor Thussu is pictured here (centre) continuing the discussion over coffee with CMCI students and academic staff.


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