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Cohen on 1960s and 1970s Music and History at Southbank Centre

This coming weekend, CMCI cultural historian Dr Harvey G. Cohen will be performing four 15-minute mini-lectures as part of the Southbank Centre’s year-long The Rest Is Noise festival, based on Alex Ross’ landmark “The Rest is Noise” book about the history of 20th century music and the political and cultural currents that shaped it.  Alert readers of this blog already know that Cohen previously spoke about Charles Chaplin and Duke Ellington at the festival last spring.

This weekend spotlights the 1960s, and Cohen will be speaking about the history of Motown Records (Saturday 26 October at 12:30PM), the 1969 Woodstock concert (Sunday 27 October at 11:30AM), the New Hollywood (Sunday 27 October at 3:00PM) and Bob Dylan (Sunday 27 October at 4:30PM).

For details on the overall programme for this weekend

Dr Cohen will also be performing 2 more mini-lectures during the 1970s weekend of the “Rest Is Noise” fest on the subjects of stagflation (the combination of stagnation and inflation that characterised the U.S. economy during the decade) and Joni Mitchell, both on Sunday 10 November.  Cohen has solemnly promised to try and not gush on embarrassingly about Ms Mitchell and her musical and songwriting talents during his talk, but sometimes he has difficulty controlling himself when embarking upon this topic.


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