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‘Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020’

The Soca News has reported on the recent ‘Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020’ event run by Nicole Ferdinand, PhD Student in the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London.

“A new initiative, ‘Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020’, has recently been designed to engage the Caribbean Community in a collaborative research project to look into the many opportunities that lie ahead in the development of the UK’s premier cultural event.

Nicole Ferdinand, a PhD student from Kings College London, has been awarded funding to conduct a multi-faceted research project that seeks to engage all sectors of the Caribbean community. She is actively challenging the public and members of the carnival community in a series of workshops, in the hope that interested parties will positively contribute with ideas and support to ensure the future success and stability of Notting Hill Carnival. ”

See the full article: Collaboration Carnival: A new vision for the future:

Nicole Ferdinand is a PhD Student in the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London;

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