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CMCI PhD Conference 11 June 2013

Annual CMCI PhD Conference: Culture and Power
11 June 2013, Strand Campus, King’s College London

How is power negotiated in everyday cultural encounters? How are power relations in the cultural industries manifested? This one-day departmental conference for gradate students in the department of CMCI seeks to explore some of the tensions within the wide, overarching theme of Culture and Power. Papers will be presented on a wide range of interdisiplinary topics. Please see the schedule below and join us on 11 June!

9.30am-9:55am Welcome coffee

9:55 Welcome address from Joanne Entwistle

10am – 11am Panel 1 – Art and performance Chair: Rachel O’Neill

B McClure, “Power relations in social salsa dancing”.

Paula Serafini, “The power of art: Identity, emotion and meaning in creative political activism”.

11:00-11:15 Coffee break

11:15am-12:45pm Panel 2 – Technology Chair: Laura Speers

Sunghee Kim, “What is biocultural subjectivity? : Re-inscribing post-genomic and post-industrial power”.

Jeremy Matthew, “I see what you did there: The power of new media organisations over everyday users on an increasingly fragmented internet”.

Photini Vrikki, “Social Media and the #Occupy movement”.

12:45-2pm Lunch

2:00-3:30pm Panel 3 – Governance and Policy Chair: Sara De Benedictis

Charlotte Bonham Carter, “Ambiguity and Self-Regulation: Social Inclusion and Cultural
Policy in Relation to Museums and Galleries”.

Aysegul Kesimoglu, “The Significance of Food Tourism for Consolidation of Soft-Powers in the Nation-State”.

Kate Mattocks, “A Balance of Power? Locating cultural governance and towards a methodological approach of examining it”.

3:30-3:45pm Coffee Break

3:45pm-4:45pm Panel 4 – Industry Chair: Charlotte Bonham-Carter

Toby Bennett, “On Labour-Power and the Discourse of Creativity”.

Natalie Wreyford, “The real cost of childcare and gendered outcomes in creative project based employment in the UK film industry”.

5pm: Drinks reception

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