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Creative Works, Knowledge and Locality

Professor Andy Pratt recently gave a paper at a conference of the American Association of Geographers in Los Angeles. Andy was participating in a panel on knowledge exchange in the creative economy, with colleagues from Canada, Germany and the US. Andy was reporting on work that is related to the AHRC Creative Works London project, part of which; Place, work, knowledge, that Andy has responsibility for directing. The conference was held at the Hotel Bonaventure, a building made famous by Jameson’s essay on postmodernity that uses it as a case study.

The conference took place from 9-14 April and was a massive event, the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers. Despite the title there were lots of international attendees from the fields of sociology and cultural policy. Andy had a particular interest in following strands on innovation and policy, especially those by Scandinavia, and German and Canadian colleagues who are pioneering debates in this field, and on creative cities. Allen Scott, one of the best-known writers in this field was being honored with a series of conference sessions. The ‘Martin Centre for the study of Prosperity’ , run by Richard Florida in Toronto, were also convening a session.

Hotel Bonaventure

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