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“The cultural and creative industries: new engines for the city?”

Professor Andy Pratt has a chapter in a book to accompany a series of events at the prestigious Akademie der Kunst in Berlin. It was curated, and edited, by internationally renowned architect and architectural writer Wilfred Wang who is based at the University of Texas, Austin. This publication draws on Andy’s lecture delivered in Berlin last year. Andy’s chapter ‘The cultural and creative industries: new engines for the city?” is a critical discussion of the role of the cultural and creative industries in urban redevelopment and the policy responses. It summarizes points that he has made in a series of papers in the past few years exploring the tensions between the built environment and social, economic and cultural processes. Other contributors to the book included Richard Sennett.

In addition to these introductory essays, the book contains a series of detailed architectural studies of cultural centers, museums and galleries across the world. This continues a line of Andy’s interdisciplinary and collaborative work that has sought to engage with architects and planners on the subject of the creative industries and cities. Readers will recall a recent chapter that Andy wrote for another international architectural survey book for ETH in Zurich, this book was entitled ‘City as loft’.

Pratt, A. C. (2013). The Cultural and Creative Industries: new engines for the city? Pp 36-42 in  Culture: City. Edited for the Akademie der Kunst by W. Wang. Berlin, Las Muller Publishers.
culture: city

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