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CMCI made a good showing at ‘The Tablet Symposium’

CMCI made a good showing at ‘The Tablet Symposium’, an event hosted by the Centre for Material Digital Culture at the University of Sussex on Wednesday 10 April. Dr Ruth Adams and research student Jeremy Matthew appeared together on a panel which focused on the ubiquity of mobile communication devices in contemporary culture and society.

Jeremy’s paper was called ‘Tablet Edition: Public Habits and uses of the Mobile Internet and online News Media’, and focused on ‘everyday human interactions with news information online and how a growing mobile-based Internet may change the way individuals engage with and discuss news with their peers’. Needless to say, the announcement of Margaret Thatcher’s death, two days previous, provided Jeremy with a wealth of new research material.

Ruth’s paper was entitled ‘Tipu’s Tiger: Killer App?’ and took as its focus one of the most popular objects in the V&A Museum, a late-18th century musical organ from India, in the shape of a tiger mauling a British soldier. It considered some questions and issues raised by its recent use in the Museum’s marketing and merchandising strategies, and, in particular, as an iPhone ‘app’ See

Other presentations considered the use of tablets and related technology in a variety of contexts, such as education, museum collections records, music, art, gaming, and its relationship to the paper book.
You can find out more about the event, and the other papers here:

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