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BoB’s Your Uncle

bufvc_logo_soloCMCI’s Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries Dr Richard Howells has accepted an invitation to serve on the British Universities Film and Video Council Research Education Space (RES) Academic Working Group.

This is a new initiative with the BBC and Jisc (the UK universities’ digital technology champion), which will result in additional access to over 800,000 BBC broadcast programmes dating from 2007. It’s part of a three-year working partnership between the BBC and Jisc called Research Education Space, which will see the BBC open-up post-1989 BBC broadcast media archives for wider use. The first phase of the programme, which the BUFVC is involved with, will improve access to BBC resources to UK further and higher education institutions, including identifying archive material for digitisation that will then be available through the existing BUFVC BoB off-air recording and archive system.

This continues Howells’ work for a number of years working with the BBC, ITN, Reuters, the British Library and the BUFVC on digital archiving, cataloguing and delivery of news and newsreel footage for academic research.

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