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Creative Economy Strategic Alliance (Americas) Meeting : Colombia, Medellin with the British Council

Professor Andy Pratt was invited to speak at a special meeting of those engaging in creative industries policy making in the Americas. The meeting took place in Medellin, Colombia (12-15 March 2013). The British Council’s Creative Economy team is re-developing its programme in the Americas, after delivering successful projects in the region for over a decade. In order to better understand the opportunities for work, the team is setting up a steering group to help them examine and co-develop their future work.

Andy is part of that group which met up in Medellin to identify opportunities and needs in this area, and make suggestions for co-designed and co-funded programmes and approaches to the British Council’s work with regional partners. Partners included policy specialists from most American countries, and two very important agencies: the Inter-american development bank, and the Organisation of American States.British Council logo

Andy spoke on topics associated with Local capacity building in the creative industries. This drew upon work that he has recently completed for UNESCO which will form a chapter for the upcoming Creative Economy Report No.3 to be published later this year.

Andy has been advising the British Council Creative Economy Programme for a number of years. Through his work with WIPO (the UN intellectual property rights body) and CERLALC (the latin american authors rights body) Andy has been working with Latin American countries quite a lot of late. See Andy’s blog for the Latin American Authors Rights Observatory (ODAI) (The ABC of the creative economy, in Spanish).

As part of the programme in Medellin a series of visits to cultural initiatives took place. Andy enjoyed the visit to the recording studios of Discos Fuentes, a leading force in Colombian music production for many years. The photo is of Andy in the studios at the mixing desk.Andy Pratt at the mixing desk

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