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Athena’s Mirror: Culture, Creativitiy, Cities, Contradictions

Professor Andy Pratt was in Milan on 5-6 March giving a lecture and a seminar. Andy has a number of contacts in Italy, as previous posts indicate – Florence and Turin.

On the evening of  5 March he was giving the second Paolo Fresco Lecture at Università Bocconi. Bocconi is a prestigious private University and the lecture was part of a business and economics faculty event, especially supporting the arts management masters programme, that includes an innovative 3-way MA in art history, business and economics; Bocconi are also partners in the MA Management in International Arts Management (with HEC Montreal, and Dallas (SMU).
(Further info:

The lecture was entitled “Athena’s Mirror: Culture, Creativitiy, Cities, Contradictions”. It asked what creative cities are imagined to be, as well as what they actually are as challenge for policy makers. Overall, the lecture argued for the need to create a platform for a more nuanced and subtle approach to creativity, culture and cities: one that is situated and not universal. It sought to map out an approach that is concerned not simply with the growth possibilities, but also redistributive strategies. In so doing it questioned whether can we conceive of creative cities as a truly progressive field of policy and practice.
The lecture was chaired by Dr Stefano Baia Curioni, and Joseph Grima, Director Domus Magazine, was the discussant.

On the following day (6 March) Andy gave a seminar to PhD students based in URBEUR at Dip. Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, Università Milano – Bicocca . Andy was invited by Dr Marianna D’Ovidio who previously was a visiting fellow at CMCI. Andy discussed issues associated with the creative industries, cities and governance. This is the second time Andy has contributed to this module.

This is part of the networking activity that links CMCI with key researchers and important programmes around the world. Moreover, high profile lectures like the Paolo Fresco lecture (funded by the past CEO of Fiat) are one way in which CMCI is known internationally as a leader in its field.athenas mirror

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