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CMCI’s International profile: Japan

CMCI is proud to have one of the largest and most international student intakes in the whole of King’s College London, annually CMCI is glad to welcome students from more than 30 counties on our MA and PhD programmes. CMCI also has a diverse academic staff hailing from a number of countries; teaching and research is underpinned by international research and an international outlook. In order to maintain this staff regularly visit international destinations for lectures and seminars, as well as investing a lot of time and effort in maintaining research networks globally. As noted in another blog entry, whilst term was winding down at King’s, several CMCI staff were working hard doing an ‘extra shift’ helping to further develop CMCI’s research and teaching profile internationally. Several staff members visited Australia this December to develop, and extend, existing research links; Andy Pratt visited Japan.

Andy has a long-term research linkage with Japan, dating back to 1999; he had a paper published in a Japanese academic journal in 2000 based on research on comparative cultural employment in the UK and Japan. He has maintained research links with colleagues at the Universities of Tokyo, Osaka and Doshisha University in Kyoto since this time returning on a regular basis. He previously carried out research on the advertising industry in Tokyo, and Tokyo was included as one of the cities in the World Cities Culture Report that was published in 2012.

Andy was invited to Kyoto to Doshisha University on 15 and 16 December 2012 where the Faculty of Economics was marking a move to a new building, and the launch of a new MA Cultural Economics. Andy gave one of the keynote lectures.
A video is available here:

Andy also took part in a specialist symposium on cultural economics held the following day. Prior to this, on 14 December, Andy visited Osaka City University where he has strong linkages with the Urban Research Plaza. (Further information here:, which is a Global Center of Excellence by Japan’s ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology (MEXT) and the home of the MA Creative Cities programme. He took part in seminar.

Andy was delighted to be invited to become editor of the international journal City, Culture and Society published by Elsevier which is currently managed from Kyoto. This will signal further stronger links between CMCI and Osaka, and HEC in Montreal: the three editorial centres of the journal. Associated with the journal an international conference, the International Association of Urban Creativity Annual Conference, will be hosted at King’s College London in mid- 2013. Andy also discussed plans for this event.

It is these strong international linkages (of which those mentioned here are but a few), collaborative research and publishing that mark out CMCI as a leader in its field, and as an exemplar at King’s, pursuing a truly international field of study. From a student perspective, these ‘behind the scenes’ linkages provide a robust foundation for our teaching and research that CMCI students benefit from to a significant degree.


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