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City as Loft

City as Loft coverProfessor Andy Pratt has a new publication out today entitled  “Factory, Studio, Loft: there goes the neighbourhood?” Pp. 25-31 in City as loft: Adaptive reuse as a resource for sustainable development, edited by M. Baum and K. Christiaanse ( Zurich: gta Verlag). A copy of the paper is available for free download here:

The chapter appears in a book produced by a team at the Architecture School of ETH in Zurich, one of the world’s top ranking universities. Andy has collaborated with the team on this project, an international survey of the trend towards creative clusters in cities around the world. The metaphor of the loft is used to describe the activity in city quarters.

Andy’s chapter is one of three introductory overviews. They are followed by 30 portraits of reused industrial areas, showing a wide variety of locations all around the globe in which reinterpretations of the legacy of the industrial age are releasing tremendous energy and creativity. The book examines the backgrounds, people and concepts involved and illustrates various strategies for reuse. In essays and interviews, specialists from both the theoretical and practical fields explain their findings and experiences. Dutch book designer Joost Grootens, well known for his self-explanatory ‘infographics’, has given the thirty projects a visual form that allows fascinating comparisons.

The book is available from the RIBA bookshop:

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