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‘Creativeworks London’: AHRC funding for £5m

Professors Rosalind Gill and Andy Pratt (King’s College London), and Mark Banks (Open University) and Wendy Malem (London College of Fashion), will be researching a series of projects with funding of about £1m within a wider range of projects that constitute the AHRC Creative Economy hub led by Professor Evelyn Welch for Queen Mary, University of London (the hub has received £5m funding from AHRC).

Rosalind and Andy’s projects take place over the next four years and look at the social and cultural networks that facilitate innovation and knowledge translation through a number of case studies: the relocation of the BBC from London to Salford, the relocation of Central St Martins School of Art, and projects on London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ and Dalston.

Andy Pratt, principal investigator on this part of the project, described it as a fantastic opportunity to look at the dynamic practices of the creative economy embedded in economies and communities, but with global reach.

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